Delivering enduring project solutions for challenging places

Our Approach

At Nash Partnership, we attribute our success to four core areas that are tried and tested.  This approach enables us to ensure that whatever we do, is done consistently, efficiently and expertly particularly when supporting feasibility, design, development and construction issues on a wide range of projects, creating successful outcomes whilst providing our clients with the best possible outcomes and experience.

Understanding – Of a problem, a context, a group of stakeholders, a set of processes

Design – The analytical, exploratory, creative and dynamic aspect of design, the value of engaging with others, of working in teams and of communicating with many constituencies

Strategy – Assessing the significance of parameters, deciding the order in which issues need to be addressed, who to consult and when, working in stages and building support

Delivery – Producing projects and solutions which can be delivered, through understood delivery mechanisms– understanding viability, risk management, progressive value growth, politics, competition and pride