Delivering enduring project solutions for challenging places


All of our team are here because they are curious about and stimulated by the qualities of built environment humans create and its relationship with the natural world. We enjoy building workplaces that celebrate creativity. We value and learn from the past and recognise the complexity of the checks and balances our civic society runs by.  

Nash Partnership is an award winning practice led by three partners and four directors and managed through a team structure. Each of our team leaders is responsible for developing areas of expertise within the practice based on their own professional interests, skills and project experience.

The team leaders are the client’s main point of contact and they are responsible for the day to day management of all of our projects, controlling the workload and resourcing and reporting to the partners.

We also have an executive team who are responsible for managing key aspects of the business including HR, systems, IT, finance, marketing and business development as well as administrative tasks.