Delivering enduring project solutions for challenging places


We believe good projects and environmental change depend on setting ambitions based on principles.  From these, the quality of design options can be tested.

But environmental change has to pass through many other stakeholder hoops.  The statutory planning process is the guardian of so many things our society attaches value to.  We understand the importance of building project delivery programmes around well considered and tested strategic planning, and frequently take the Lead Designer role accordingly.

Many of our most rewarding projects have addressed sites with evident challenges of brownfield reuse, project viability and risk management.  

  • Address the intentions behind planning policy, even where the specific wording might not reflect current need
  • Bring disparate interests together around shared objectives and aspirations
  • Clarify the issues and decisions to be made and define the delivery mechanism

Understanding reasons behind non-delivery is the skill that we believe sets us above our competitors through the use of strategic planning, project management and consultation. We are experienced in consultation exercises with local residents,local authority officers and statutory consultees.