Delivering enduring project solutions for challenging places


At Nash Partnership, sustainability is about creating buildings and places which will continue to develop, adapt, change and grow. 

It seems that sustainability has been focused particularly on the technical standards set through the Building Regulations of the Code for Sustainable Homes and the equivalent BREEAM standard for non-residential buildings. However, we believe something far more radical is needed - a way of understanding and influencing how communities actually impact on the world through economic activity and lifestyle choice. This is what we call 'spatial economics'.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability. This means applying the established principles of environmental, technical, financial, organisational, economic and social sustainability. We also recognise that other factors play a key role in determining whether a building or a development is sustainable. Location, how a building is used and lifestyle choices have key roles to play if we are to meet the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint. 

So, as we see it, there are four fundamental issues that need to be considered when delivering a project that enhances and encourages sustainability.

  • Understanding, assessing and evaluating the geography of place. 
  • Is the project in an appropriate location?
  • Will it enhance the building of an accountable community? 
  • Is it capable of becoming a place of value or of local distinctiveness and will it create something in excess of what is taken away? 

This strategy has served us well over our years of practice. We continue to advise on and support a number of sustainable projects which not only react to our client's need now but which also set a precedent for the future.

As far as our own practice is concerned, we do practice what we preach. We run a low emission company car for business journeys, recycle all of the waste which leaves the office and we monitor waste generation and energy consumption. The practice is also a member of the Green Register and Low Carbon South Westand we have also signed up to Go Green Business.