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Urban Design & Masterplanning

Urban Design

Nash Partnership has a successful urban design team that collectively deliver masterplanning, landscape and urban design, town planning, and regeneration services to clients within the UK and internationally.  Quality of place and distinctiveness matter to us and our solutions embed sustainability at the onset.  We combine design quality and an in-depth understanding of the planning and construction process.  Our approach is rooted in understanding context and the influence of landscape, landform, history and people in order to create enduring and successful schemes.

What makes our service distinctive is that we ensure deliverability.  The Nash team includes qualified architects, landscape architects and urban designers who understand the implications of land form and character on new development as well as the need for realistic built form which support development proposals.  Our workload spans a range of elements, from feasibility studies to masterplans and Design Codes.  We also implement developer-led projects incorporating new streets, public spaces and infrastructure.  We focus on the following areas:

  • Townscape & Urban Characterisation Studies
  • Design Guides and Building Codes
  • Housing layouts
  • Masterplans
  • Development briefs
  • Regeneration planning
  • Urban design strategies

The Nash Urban Design team also create residential masterplans, developing considered and expert plans that maximise opportunities on site and which consider key factors that have a positive impact on future residents and the wider community.

Masterplanning Services

A successful masterplan will respond to social and physical context in which it is based. To ensure future communities are successful we collaborate locally, involving residents and stakeholders in decision making.  We bring experience of creating plans to serve our clients to influence and enhance emerging planning policies, and production of both outline and detailed masterplans.

Our masterplanning experience is exceptional and we have over the year's, defined our offering by focusing on four core areas.

  • Concept and detailed masterplans
  • Urban Regeneration Plans
  • Development frameworks
  • Community consultation

We understand the latest standards for planning, place-making, design quality, sustainability and community building that we know drive programmes of redevelopment both regionally and nationally.

Urban Design & Masterplanning