Planning director Mike Fox writes for latest Urban Design Group Journal

9 January 2017

Nash Partnership’s Associate Planning Director Mike Fox was invited to write an article for the Urban Design Group’s latest journal ‘Africa’ (issue 141), which has now been published.

In the piece entitled ‘Warm Heart, Bright Future’, Mike gives an overview of his Voluntary Service Overseas work in shaping a new planning system for Zambia. He discusses the Zambian approach to planning and the role of urban design and placemaking in the country. He also explains how urban design principles were applied in the District of Kapiri Mposhi.

The article concludes with the view that while there is still much to be done, the foundations have been laid for significant progress in the planning profession in Zambia. Urban design and placemaking principles have a strong role to play in shaping more efficient, inclusive, distinctive and sustainable places – only through this will lasting change be brought about in the country.