Celebrating International Women’s Day

12 March 2018

Jane Jacobs, Women in Property and Falafel.

By Alice Nunn.

Last Tuesday evening, a group of Nash architects and planners took a few clients and consultants to a RIBA event at the Watershed. We saw a screening of Citizen Jane, a documentary about Jane Jacobs and her fight to preserve urban communities in New York facing devastation by destructive development projects. The screening was followed by talks and a panel discussion by three very interesting female designers who talked about the work they do all over the world.

There was a bit of time between the screening and the talks, so the group had a delicious snack of falafel and chips and spent some time exploring the ways in which female designers and planners can impact the places and spaces in which we live and work. One key theme which arose from the discussion was how an understanding of problems faced daily by women in cities, such as feeling unsafe after dark, or not having access to public toilets, can help to shape safer, more useable public spaces for all.

On Thursday evening last week, another group of Nash employees attended an International Women’s Day event hosted by Women in Property and networked with a whole host of women within the property sector. It was a great event, with two thought-provoking speakers from Bristol Women’s Voice, whose aim it is to ensure that when key decisions are made in the city, women’s opinions are taken into account. They also do important work to increase awareness of women’s rights and bring women together to share ideas and experiences.

Two great events in celebration of International Women’s Day!