Say hello to… Zizi

What sparked your interest in architecture?

I’ve always been a creative individual. As a child I spent whole days drawing and daydreaming of my future career as a designer. Growing up, I travelled a lot through Europe and developed an interest beyond objects and into both buildings and cities. Although I never thought I’d be suitable, one day I realised that (Architecture) is a profession I’ve been preparing for all my life.

What advice would you give anyone starting in the profession today?

Don’t give up your dream easily! As a recent graduate, I can vividly recall the times I was disappointed after a review and I felt I wanted to quit. We need to understand that becoming an Architect will take more than a few years and that it won’t be easy. It’s about constant learning and developing and encountering lots of ups and downs, but if you are truly dedicated nothing should stop you in achieving your goals.

Who do you most admire and why?

My mother (a painter and visual artist) has always been my inspiration. Her dedication, knowledge and ability to make a statement with her work is the embodiment of what – in my opinion – any individual in the creative industry should aim for.

What do you enjoy most in your work?

My duties as an Architectural Assistant have enabled me to discover the reality of projects in practice. Before joining Nash Partnership, I wasn’t aware of how much teamwork is involved in the process of each design. My current position allows me to have an amazing opportunity as working as one of the team members for various projects in the Bristol office.