“A particular type or kind of something”

10 April 2018

Isn’t that just wonderfully open and vague, yet still to the point?

During my recent obsession with understanding brand and brand development, I came across this phrase and thought it captured a particular moment for me. I had applied the term “brand” to the hotel and leisure work we have done. Those sorts of projects where we are lucky enough to be part of a one-off, or a new hotel, or spa, which required us to really understand what the essence of the offer is going to be. Projects such as The Lee Bay Hotel and Spa or Monkey Island in Bray.

What is the “money shot” – as it was described to me. Is it a middle-aged couple snuggling up on a sofa, next to a roaring fire, in a wonderful drawing room, with more off-whites and lavishes than the senses can handle; or is it a younger couple skipping through the fields on their way to the steaming outdoor hot tub, while the sun sets in a haze (or vise-versa). OK, I’m embellishing, but these things are tested to ensure the way a design comes forward suits its target audience. It is successful and a whole lot of fun too. If you can describe something in one image, or only a few words, you’ll do well. It means you are closer to understanding it, as you have stripped it back.

I find this isn’t unique to just the hotel work we are doing – it certainly isn’t limited to it. Making sure we understand what sort of a “particular type or kind of something” a project is, means you will get closer to designing something successful while also getting buy-in from the team in what is trying to be achieved.

The world is full of brand and perhaps puts pressure on most things to put it in a box. But maybe the door of opportunity is a bit freer than that and we should take the time to consider what sort of something we trying to achieve, as each project is unique.