Say hello to… Ben

26 April 2018

Tell us what you do

I’m an Architectural Assistant. I graduated with a degree in Architecture and Planning, but definitely enjoyed the architectural side more, where my creativity is better suited.

What sparked your interest in architecture?

Growing up in London, there was always something new being added to the skyline, so there has always been an architectural interest. The Queen Elizabeth Hall on Southbank left a lasting impression. For such a grim-looking building, there was something about it. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but it just really fascinated me. It introduced me to Brutalism and thinking about a building as more than just a form, in turn creating a basis for my whole art degree which ultimately got the wheels turning on becoming an architect! I’ve also always loved art galleries, nature and being outdoors and somehow adding everything together, my answer was architecture.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Do what you love. It was drilled into me when I was younger and has resonated since. Simple, but true.

Weekends are for…

Exploring and relaxing, probably involving alcohol.