In the news: Bath Life

29 May 2018

Partner Daniel Lugsden and Architect Chris Hall contribute their views on context and character in the city for this Bath Life article.

Architects face many a design limitation, especially in our World Heritage city. Here they give us an insight into just how many eggshells they must tiptoe over

“In all places you hope or aspire to change, you must get under the skin of the place. Bath especially, as a world heritage site, requires a very thorough understanding before you can step forward. If you take the time and have or surround yourself with the skills you need to ensure you understand the influence your work will have, there should not really be limitations. Limitations suggests that you cannot do things, and in Bath, perhaps yes, there are limitations due to the protected nature of a lot of the city. However, good design means it responds to the context, the city and its ambitions, balances the issues it has and is likely to face, and aspires to make a balanced change for the city to move forward with.”

Nash PartnershipDaniel Lugsden, Partner

What buildings and spaces do the design professionals love most?

“My choice would be Hill Rise on North Road. It was a modernist style house but a bit run down, and I think the architects did a great job of bringing the building up to date whilst keeping its original character.”

Nash Partnership, Chris Hall, Architect