Cheltenham College, Cheltenham

A development plan to enable new facilities and development projects

The public school of Cheltenham College is highly prominent. Several listed buildings and landscaped grounds contribute to the character of this part of Cheltenham’s conservation area and to the school’s qualities. When Cheltenham College wished to embark on an ambitious programme of faculty expansion, Nash Partnership was commissioned to advise on building confidence in the organisation’s long-term plans. This involved enabling new facilities to be planned over many years without the frustrations of planning difficulties as each came forward.

To build such an Institutional Development Plan, we talked to all faculty leaders and charted how all buildings were used. We investigated the efficiency of their utilisation patterns with regard to energy use, and movement patterns for pupils and staff around the campus. We identified and tested where new buildings could be most optimally located, considering the listed building setting or conservation character. We also showed why some buildings are particularly unsuited for their present pattern of uses or why they incur high energy and management costs. By swapping some uses around, higher and more cost effective utilisation could be achieved with lower relative repair and maintenance and heating costs. Our study concluded that some peripheral buildings could effectively be shared with other users and generate income for the College.

From this work, we produced a 15-year Institutional Masterplan which could be endorsed by the local planning authority and Historic England. From this, new facilities and reuse development projects could be rolled out year by year over this term.