Hitachi Capital, Trowbridge

Helping a key local employer create a stimulating place for growth.

We created a new elegant eco-friendly office campus for global commercial brand Hitachi Capital to meet its future growth aspirations. With its curved office building and well-landscaped grounds, the campus embodies the company’s business values and its heritage. It also plays an important role in strengthening and lifting the quality of the southern commercial gateway into Trowbridge.

Greenfield development

Hitachi Capital had been an important player in the country town for over ten years and needed a quick solution to enable expansion. Unallocated greenfield land on the southern fringe of the town, was identified as the only feasible option for keeping Hitachi Capital in Trowbridge.

Enabling retention for this local key employer was extremely important and our planning team built support for the project through extensive engagement.

Creating a stimulating work environment

For Hitachi Capital, it was important that the building reflected both brand and business values. Improving efficiency and communication and creating a stimulating environment in a sustainable way were part of that ethos in addition to the company’s heritage.

Our design was shaped around fostering team working to reflect Hitachi’s ‘Inspire the Next’ philosophy. We created a journey through the landscape and internal areas. High quality standards reflect the Hitachi vision, while the web building and landscape reflect Japanese culture.

“The building needed to be visually attractive in a modern style to provide staff, prospective employees and customers with a contemporary environment, whilst being sympathetic and sensitive to the environment. The new campus also needed to foster better communication and collaboration between colleagues through improved shared areas. After just twelve months of occupation, we know it has achieved these aims.”

Jon Lawes, Managing Director, Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions