Spring Wharf at Roseberry Place

A PRS scheme in a key area for growth

Bath’s Enterprise Area includes 98Ha of land which follows the line of the river through the city. It has been recognised as a key zone for growth by the LEP to provide essential future business space and housing. Our scheme at Roseberry Place is part of this vision and is on one of the key nodes within the city’s plan.

Working closely with the Council’s regeneration and development team and a wide range of specialist consultants, the practicalities of the site have been balanced with the aspirations of the wider agenda.

Our scheme for a mix of living, retail, and employment space on the site opens up views and perceptions of the river corridor and enhances the setting. It connects green space inside the site within a wider context. The scheme also seeks to add to the growing status and character of Lower Bristol Road.

Granted planning permission, the project is well underway on site as a PRS scheme for investors Highland General.