Westley Richards, Birmingham

Relocating a business based on craft workmanship

The relocation of the famous sporting gun manufacturers, Westley Richards, to a new site within the Birmingham gun quarter resulted from the compulsory purchase of their existing historic building.

By combining a new build factory with restored and converted 19th century brick warehouses, we have created a working and visitor environment appropriate for a firm whose work depends wholly on highly skilled and visually refined craft-workmanship for a global market.

The new factory incorporates an underground test firing range and a modern pressings factory unit for Westley Engineering.

The new purpose designed pressing and tooling factory provides factory floor space and an ancillary space in a steel portal frame. The envelope of the factory is formed using a combination of insulated brick panels, insulated wall panels and light-diffusing panels which maximise the natural daylight to the working areas.

As some of the client’s specialist machines (such as their water lathe) are sensitive to vibration, areas of the reinforced concrete floor were purpose designed to incorporate isolated concrete bases.