Edward Nash

Edward Nash founded Nash Partnership in 1988 with a focus on projects involving historic buildings and sites that acknowledge heritage sensitivities. He has steered the gradual expansion of the skills of the practice to create a multi-disciplinary team with an unusually diverse understanding of how change happens in all aspects of the built environment.

Now supported by the practice partners, directors, business and professional operations personnel, Edward is responsible for delivering and presenting our evolving skillset to a wide diversity of client sectors and takes overall responsibility for meeting practice-wide business plan objectives.

Edward was born in one of the cotton mill towns of Lancashire. He studied architecture at the Royal West of England Academy School of Architecture securing his BA and Diplomas there. He is on the RIBA’s Conservation Architects’ register and the Architects Accredited in Building Conversation Register (AABC).

Edward’s professional interests are focused on understanding and influencing the quality of processes through which built environment change happens. He is interested in how built environment professionals of all kinds deepen their skill and effectiveness through working together around sensitive, positive placemaking.

Edward’s most successful projects have involved large regenerative change on historic brownfield sites such as Kingston Mills in Bradford on Avon. Such locations in towns, often working over decades the practice has delivered notable, accumulative positive change, particularly in Cheltenham, Bath and Bristol.