Spatial economics masterplanning

Socio economic data can tell us how each built environment responds to its locational advantages and disadvantages of place. Analysing, understanding and articulating the forces at work that determine the economic, environmental, social and cultural health of urban and rural communities is something that we’ve developed over the last three decades.


We can demonstrate how urban prospects are changed by demographic trends, regional megatrends, infrastructure changes and lifestyle aspirations among a range of other factors.

This approach underpins strategic masterplans that are not solely design driven, but are informed by spatial economic analysis.

We use these skills to formulate policy and help shape strategic thinking for Local Authority clients and property portfolio holders, so that they can have confidence in making long term investment and urban change decisions.

“Our diverse skillset enables us to understand how the drivers of positive urban change work and engage well with its stakeholders and contributors. Spatial Economics provides the tools of analysis this needs.”

Edward Nash, Senior Partner.