James Purdey & Sons, West London

A new purpose-built factory and test facility.

After occupying the site for nearly 30 years, a new purpose-built factory for gun and rifle makers James Purdey & Sons Ltd has provided 2,300m² of new accommodation, a dedicated parking area and arrival courtyard for visitors and a new underground test facility.

A new building to improve working conditions

Located between their Mayfair showroom and the West London Shooting Grounds, a new purpose-built factory was designed to create the best working conditions suitable for one of the finest gun makers in London. The new buildings replaced single storey accommodation with a three-story structure, redesigned to include high levels of diffused daylighting lighting for the craftsmen and engravers.

Dedicated spaces to maximise efficiency

Working in collaboration with a specialist firing range consultant, we developed the design to create dedicated spaces including a computer controlled, vibration sensitive machine shop, a separate gun making, assembly, finishing and testing floor and an underground calibrated test firing facility. All of the new working spaces are designed around a courtyard above hidden undercroft car parking and adjoin a dedicated reception suite for Purdey’s international customers.

The new building provides a wide range of specialist servicing requirements across the diversity of manufacturing, finishing, and testing which includes the supply of gases and machining coolant and extraction of chemical and combustion fumes, dust and machine waste. This plus taking into account the acoustic demands of building a test facility in a substantially residential area, is one of our most technically advanced buildings completed.