We are confident in designing buildings that meet the needs of both their owners and users. Our teams have talented individuals who are passionate and creative.

Buildings do not happen in isolation

We care about the impact buildings have on their surroundings. We always look at the bigger picture and are mindful about achieving aspirations while balancing investment and value.

Delivering quality in design

Every project is different. As a team, we:

  • Creatively analyse and develop ideas throughout the entire design process.
  • Apply design driven solutions to complex problems.
  • Challenge each project so that we can explore the best outcomes.
  • Use the latest tools and technology for analysis and testing, including Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration.

Teamwork is key

Our processes are robust and efficient and founded on the principles of team work and collaboration. As architects, we work closely with clients to explore and articulate their needs at the briefing stage. We are analytical and often work as design managers, bringing in a diverse range of specialist consultants to co-ordinate a wide range of inputs.

Effective communication

All our people are strong communicators and enjoy what they do. We believe that good communication and an enjoyable personal working relationship is an important part of the successful development and delivery of projects.

Our experience

We have applied our skills across a wide range of building types and sectors – from individual bespoke houses to broader housing developments, mixed use schemes, estate regeneration and commercial buildings.

“We take the briefing process very seriously and work with our clients to get to the essence of what they are trying to achieve. It means that when we put pencil to paper, it already has great purpose behind it.”

Dan Lugsden