We apply experience and study to understand how the built environment has been created; the networks of economic social, political and cultural values that made it and that change it.

Understanding Complexity

The services we offer are extensive, from the evaluation and assessment of historic buildings for condition, value and setting, to the change dynamics of urban neighbourhoods. In the management of planning processes through consultation, design, the specification of works, construction procurement and implementation. Our conservation architects work within a wide-ranging built environment team of social-economic researchers, regeneration consultants, planners, urban designers and new build architects.

Understanding Change Processes

We understand where the main drivers for built environment change come from and the statutory and consultative processes established to manage such change well. Heritage assets such as listed buildings and conservation areas are treated as assets of the whole community and this understanding of wide-ranging value and value growth opportunity underlines all we do.

Design management

Because of our experience, we often act as lead design consultants on projects, administering, scoping, briefing and managing the contributions of a wide diversity of specialist consultants and craft skills.

This design management process oversight ensures the principles and objectives set for a complex project are kept in the foreground as each challenge is addressed.

Our team has managed projects on several hundred historic buildings, in a multitude of conservation areas, involving ancient monuments, historic landscapes and world heritage sites. Our conservation and regeneration projects have included castles and palaces, theatres and cinemas, MOD and education establishments, historic factories, seaside piers, cathedrals, churches and homes built over many centuries.

We offer:

  1. Expert witness in appeals and heritage planning advocacy
  2. Conservation area character reviews and impact assessments
  3. Listing reviews and certificates of immunity from listing applications
  4. Compliant listed building application submissions
  5. Heritage lottery applications

We work with private clients, public sector and trusts who own extensive properties and estates, offering a bespoke conservation service.

“We believe that heritage is an opportunity to create value. There is a subtle art in balancing the protection of built heritage with shaping the places of the future.”

Robert Locke, Partner