Pantglas Hall, Carmarthenshire

Informing the repairs and restoration of a listed structure

In Carmarthenshire, the country house of an early 19th century industrialist was substantially destroyed by a fire. Only its listed lofty tower and an associated length of elevation remained. Its leisure venue owners had planning obligations to restore it as a condition of their planning permission. It was in poor structural condition with all its intermediate floors and many timber lintels substantially decayed.

We surveyed the structure from a structural stability hydraulic hoist, testing the soundness of the stucco rendering and ornamental mouldings and its structurability. This allowed a detailed specification of repairs to be prepared, which – in turn – allowed competitive pricing of the works by builders, with little need of variations once the contractor’s scaffolding was in place and work underway.

The completion of the work then allowed the leisure operator to fully utilise the benefits of their planning permission for the estate Pantglas Tower continues to dominate.